BEAUTIFUL Dungeon Exploration, Shopkeeper Game! | Moonlighter Gameplay Part 1


Check Out Moonlighter Gameplay Part 1 currently on Pre-Alpha. Let’s Play! – Run your own shop and explore dangerous dungeons.

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Welcome to Moonlighter Part 1! The perfect blend of adventure and sim game. Let’s Play Moonlighter!

Moonlighter is an Action RPG Game with rogue-lite gameplay elements that demonstrates two sides of the coin – revealing everyday routines of Will, an adventurous shopkeeper that secretly dreams of becoming a hero. #Moonlighter #Shopkeep

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  1. also with item pricing its better to start really high than really low cuz then you'll just be giving away items (played the markets of many RPG games and that is how I got too much money while being F2P) 🙂

  2. I just asked my self why does falcon play olmoust all pixel game….Well right in that moment falcon says "I am big fan of pixel game" what a coincidence ^ ^

  3. Heyyyy If you look on the trailer for game on steam you can see that the harden steel is still cheap at 500, and the magic pot was at 2000 but dont know if it sells….try for yourself #imobservant 🙂

  4. Gets 323 gold for two hardened steels from the Merchant Mirror. Tries to sell one in his shop for 60. Mr Falcon, you still have a lot to learn about game markets. You probably could've placed the inital price to 300 and still sold it at an "amazing" price.

  5. Love to see more of this. Just a suggestion, if you don't know what something will sell for, sell high rather than low. Selling low means they take it and you lose out on the money you could've gotten, but if it's too expensive they won't buy it, allowing you to gradually lower the price without losing out on any money

  6. this is the 15th game you have played that I have bought. I need to quite watching your channel so I can keep some of my money lol. Great work Falcon, love you.

  7. Admittedly this really was interesting gameplay and I enjoyed the video. I would like to see more features and more of the workings of the game. Hope to see at least one or two more episodes at least to really give a taste of what the game is like. Thanks for this one!


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