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21 thoughts on “AVGN Games Angry Video Game Nerd Episode 115 – REACTION

  1. Why are reaction videos a thing? Seriously it takes like zero talent to make these kind of videos. Here is the basic idea. Hey guys do you wanna watch me watch this video? Like what the fuck!!??

  2. YouTube started around 2005 but got popular in 2007 and avgn was around before that people would post there video on a normal website that people made to share there own art and weird stuff but after 2007 he posted his very first video but that the time he was know as the angry Nintendo game nerd that the time

  3. this reaction is do good can u do a reaction to two best sister play fallout 4 or pokemon snap they are so funny

  4. Shit pickle is from the episode master chu and the drunkerd who.. yes that's the title lol it's from season 1

  5. Shit pickle was a character in skits he used to upload to YouTube and his website. He appeared in at least two AVGN episodes. “Action 52” and “Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu” I believe.

  6. If I have an idea for a call of duty and get a real game nerd spoof game I call it's call of the nerds dookie

  7. He is indeed from the day most of these games were made. I believe he was born in 80 or 81. So he was about 6-8 yo at the peak of the NES.

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