Arcade Funhouse – Rootin' Tootin'


Pemmy gets horny on main with this Pac-Man clone from Data East.

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Written, edited, and performed by Pembroke W. Korgi

Also check out Horndog, a comic written by Isaac Baranoff and drawn by your’s truly, Pembroke W. Korgi (aka Robbie Allen):


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  1. 7:43
    So, like Baron von Blubba (Skel-Monsta) does in Bubble Bobble, where it just floats through walls?

  2. What the heck is pembroke doing in the trumpet in the tittle card? Only puffballs can fit into trumpets!

  3. I’ve always wondered what that music at the end of all your videos is from. Sounds like it came straight from an old Disney or Hanna-Barbera cartoon or something….

  4. I'm scarred of Cymbomb
    I love the "poopy green" version of the game. Why. Because Old Classic Retro Gaming played it.

  5. From the attract mode, it looks like the idea is to turn invisible and then attack enemies chasing the player by turning around to shoot the notes he didn't catch. Sounds like a good idea in theory, but the amount of enemies and their speed would probably make that plan rather difficult to pull off.

    It also looks like the discount Power Pellet at least stops the powerful enemies from moving on their tracks. Of course, if they're stuck on a transformed enemy or a note, then it's a rather double-edged sword…

  6. Can you make a Let's Draw Penelope the hedgehog in Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog wearing a Cloak with brown?

  7. It looks like they ripped off that old Merry Melody's cartoon where the brass instruments war and then marry the string ones.


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