Aggravation Game Board


Thank you for the interest in buying this from me, but I’m sorry to say I don’t sale them.
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The holes are 1 1/4” apart. You can easily set this game up for four people instead of six, you will have to work out the geometry, but that shouldn’t be to hard. I’m sorry I don’t sale these.

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  1. I've made the game using a template made by my father. The marbles are 9/16 in diameter so I used a 1/2 in router bitt for the holes. To prevent marbles from getting stuck.

  2. I made one years ago for my kids and Wife.. it's a four person game board..
    Fast forward I'm going to make five game boards for Christmas.. 👏🏼👏🏼 Thanks for sharing Mike..

  3. on the left side looked like you missed a hole. but on the finished piece I see you corrected it. great project love that game.

  4. I would love to teach my grandchildren game that does not involve electronics. Also a great game for family time, holidays and even camping.

  5. Thanks a lot!! My wife comes in and looks over my shoulder at about 5:20 and what does she see?  A washer, dryer and the same stupid laundry hamper that clutter up my shop. I almost had her convinced just how wrong that was! Lol.  At least you didn't have a car in there. Keep 'em coming.

  6. Wonderful job Mike, I enjoyed the video. That Joe Krug sure had good eyes 'cause I didn't see the miss. If that were me I'd of missed 15 or more.

  7. My rotator cuff aches just from watching you drill all the holes but making the template is totally worth it.

  8. That is a lot of drilling… I was getting flashbacks from when I made my multipurpose table. Great job Mike! I'm sure your client will really like it.

  9. I've never heard of the game.. Maybe because I stay away from aggravation as much as possible..he he.. It turned out nice Mike. Thanks for sharing

  10. Cool Mike!
    My Grandfather, who was a carpenter, built one for my Grandmother in the 60's. I spent many hours playing "Wa-Hoo" with her. My brother just recently passed that Wa-Hoo board down to me. We have a traditional Aggravation board gama that we have played with our kids since they were old enough to count. Try it out Mike. It's a fun game!
    Have fun at WIA. I wish it was a little closer to the Left Coast. It would be nice to me you all.

  11. Mike, good video. The board and a bag of marbles might be a good craft show seller. Paul a.k.a. paulsmessyworkshop on YouTube

  12. I used to play that game as a kid. Didn't like it. There's a reason it's called aggravation.
    Nice job recreating the board from a picture!

  13. Rich beat me to it, drilling all those holes would be aggravating! kinda reminds me of a Chinese Checkers game. nice job Mike!

  14. I'm pretty sure I would have at least used the cnc to mark the holes and edge of the game. Lol. Too much math for me. Great job as always.


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