Aggravation Board Game | Woodworking Project


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  1. There is no board game as much fun as this! My family had us playing as soon as we could talk, lol. We play with decks of cards and everyone fights over marble colors. Still my favorite game of all time.

  2. I saw your video and thought this is an awesome project from me to do. I check through your description for a link to get the template and could not find it. Where can I get this template so I can get started?

  3. How difficult would it be to include a small pocket or hidden space where you can store the dice and marbles?

  4. I recently made a board game to give to a board game enthusiast I know. It's a lot like aggravation. It's 2 player and the second oldest board game known. It's called th royal game of Ur. It came out basically like a weird cutting board. But it's a lot of fun.

  5. This seems like a classier game of Uckers. I imagine that with this you are not subjected to the humiliation of an, '8 piece dicking' or heckled as a ludo playing b*****d.

  6. It would have been nice to have some storage in the frame for the marbles. Love watching you make fun stuff. You are the Man

  7. Hey steve! I would love to see you make a cigar box guitar! I've made one in the past. It's super easy. I would love to see your own take on it

  8. My great grandpa made these all the time! Making them for my wedding now to honor him as interactive centerpieces.

  9. Make a set of wooden dominoes or a wooden machine that sits on your shelf ,like those clacker ball things that u see in an office

  10. I have been making boards simular to these the last 2yrs. We call the game WhaHoo down in Texas. I made some of mine from an old maple kitchen table that was at a yard sale that nobody wanted. So I chopped up the table top and sanded it all down and made me a couple of game boards. I used a plunge router with a 1/2" box core bit and a router bushing. Made drilling the holes for the marbles way faster.. I like your sandwiched method as well.

  11. Ive made probably close to 50 of these boards for craftshows and christmas gifts. I use 3/4 birch plywood. Put the router bit in the drill press and set the depth stop. It will cut just like a counter sink. Way easier and doesn't waste material like sandwiching boards does.

  12. Aw, I'm disappointed. I was waiting to see how you made marbles. I inherited an Aggrevation board that I think was made from countertop or a table perhaps. The holes are all rounded inside and the outer corners are rounded so there are no sharp edges anywhere. The top is a white fleck patterned laminate mounted on mdf. It's quite attractive. However, a month ago we found a beautiful 18"x18" x 1/4" piece of maple by the road in front of our house. It must have blown off someone's vehicle so my dear husband put it in the garage. I'm finally getting him trained after 40 years. As soon as I saw this project I thought of that board. So good to have you back with your adoring fans, Steve!

  13. I would have added one thing: One of the sidepieces I would have left removable, maybe attached with magnets, that way you can cut a groove in the board itself to store the marbles

  14. why didn't you just use the thicker plywood "scrap" boards for the game board? stick on the paper template, drill shallow "holes" part way through. Nail maple strips to trim around the edges to hide the ply, round off the edges, paint , sand and varnish and you're done; If you want, cut scraps to fashion a long narrow box with hinged lid( the length of one edge of the game board so it doesn"t risk getting broken off ) to hold the game pieces (marbles and dice) glue and clamp it to the edge and secure with some brads. My brother in law built a similar game board for the kids one christmas. worked out well.

  15. Made one of these for my wife maybe 20 years ago. Used a spade bit to drill all the holes out of 1/4" plywood. Even using a backer board, I was glad to put it on a second layer to cover up the tearout. We still use this board frequently. A lot of fun for the whole family, no matter the age.

  16. I've hadn't heard of this game before, but since it involves rolling a die, it might be a good idea to make the marble/playfield area higher than the outer corners area. Inevitably, that rolling die will drop into the area with the marbles and send marbles flying everywhere. If you're going to use the transition between the marble area and the frame as a rolling area, this would make some walls around it to contain the die.

    PS: Thanks to your videos, Steve, I'm sleeping on a Casper.

  17. That is a lot of drilling… But the end product came out great. Only enhancement I could think of is built in storage for the pieces.


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