A novel growing rod technique to treat early-onset scoliosis (EOS): a step-by-step 2D surgical video


*Rodrigo Navarro-Ramirez, MD, MSc, Oded Rabau, MD, Alisson Teles, MD, Susan Ge, MD,
Abdulaziz Bin Shebreen, MD, Neil Saran, MD, and Jean Ouellet, MD

Spine Surgery and Scoliosis Group, McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Early-onset scoliosis (EOS) correction techniques have evolved slowly over the past 40 years and still remain a challenge for the spine surgeon. Avoiding spinal fusion in these patients is key to decreasing morbidity and mortality in this population.
Current treatments for EOS include both conservative and surgical options. The authors present the modified Luqué technique that has been performed at their institution for the past decade. This modified technique relies on Luqué’s principle, but with newer “gliding” implants through a less disruptive approach. The goal of this technique is to delay fusion as long as possible, with the intent to prevent deformity progression while preserving maximal growth.
Normally, these patients will have definitive fusion surgery once they have reached skeletal maturity or as close as possible. Out of 23 patients until present (close to 4-year follow-up), the authors have not performed any revision due to implant failure. Three patients have undergone final fusion as the curve progressed (one patient, 4 years out, had final fusion at age 12 years; two other patients had final fusion at 3 years). These implants, which have the CE mark in Europe, are available in Canada via a special access process with Health Canada. The implants have not yet been submitted to the FDA, as they are waiting on clinical data out of Europe and Canada.
In the following video the authors describe the modified Luqué technique step-by-step.

DOI: 10.3171/2020.1.FocusVid.19683

**Intro music: “Daybreak” by Graeme Rosner

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