1995 ALDS, Game 5: Yankees @ Mariners


New York Yankees 5 at Seattle Mariners 6, F/11 — The Mariners had come back from a 0-2 series deficit to force a deciding Game 5, and were back home in front of a frenzied Kingdome crowd with high expectations. Yankees’ starter David Cone held a 4-2 lead going into the eighth, but surrendered Ken Griffey Jr.’s fifth homer of the series, and walked in the game-tying run with the bases loaded. Rookie fireballer Mariano Rivera arrived to strike out Mike Blowers to keep the game tied at the end of eight. In the ninth, both Game 3 starters — Randy Johnson for the M’s and Jack McDowell for the Yanks — came on in relief; both pitched two scoreless innings. When Johnson allowed a run in the 11th, and the Yanks took the field confident with their one-run lead, but Edgar Martinez doubled home two off a tiring McDowell to give the Mariners the series and a ticket to the LCS. It was Don Mattingly’s last game.

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  1. Umpires (Game 5) (5:51)
    HP Jim Evans
    1B Dan Morrison
    2B Tim Welke
    3B John Hirschbeck
    LF Joe Brinkman (CC)
    RF Rocky Roe

  2. 3:29:50 How DARE a White player be fiery and emotional! I was born in Seattle in 1973, where I grew up. Japanese-American. I feel that White guys have NO right to be fiery and emotional, or show attitude. White guys are supposed to be calm, demure, and mild-mannered.

  3. It seems to me like the M's got all the close pitches called strikes on NY hitters, but the strike zone was not as kind to Yankee pitchers. Still, M's deserved this. NY was several players away from greatness.

  4. I can't think of a game with more historic players in it (or HOFers, for that matter)!

    Mariners – Randy Johnson, , Edgar Martinez, Tino Martinez, A-Rod, Norm Charlton, Jay Buhner…
    …And Ken Griffey Jr!

    Yankees – Wade Boggs, Jim Leyritz, Bernie Williams, Paul O'neil, Ruben Sierra, David Cone, Black-Jack Mcdowell, Darryl Strawberry, Mariano Rivera…
    …and Don F'n Mattingly!

    And, it was the final game of a dramatic, crazy ALDS, went into extra innings, had lots of substitutions and managerial Tactics (speaking of managers… Lou Pinella and Buck Showalter!), It had a Starter coming on in relief in one day's rest in the last inning- Johnson against Mariano Rivera!)… And, 'the double'

    It was won in an amazing fashion, and was called by a HOF announcer in Dave Neihaus…. *It is probably in the top five or so games of ALL TIME*. If you haven't watched this… WATCH IT!

  5. at 3:39:51, with 4 seconds since the hit from Martinez, Jr. was closer rounding 3rd base. No one talks about the jump Jr. got from 1st base to 3rd. He must have been more than 1/2 way to second. The Yankees lacked playoff experience and didn't even hold him in place. Fantastic Finish for sure…

  6. Why was David Cone pitching in a 4-3 game with the bases loaded and had already given up a bomb to Ken Griffey in the same inning? Mariano was fresh and ready. I don’t need hindsight to know the probability of Rivera getting out of that inning up 4-3 was higher than leaving in a tired David Cone to face that guy.

  7. This game is THE memory for Mariners fans. Great to re-watch, but also bittersweet since it's THE memory for us 😂

  8. I'd forgotten that the Yankees grabbed Fernandez that year. So weird to revisit a Yankees team that had so little power. O'Neill, Williams, and Stanley were the only big HR threats, and not even that big.

  9. Six years later with NO Griffey, Randy Johnson, or ARod the Mariners would win 116 regular season games before losing in the playoffs. Baseball… the ultimate TEAM sport.

  10. would have been better hearing Dave Niehaus call the game..his call on edgars double still gives me the chills..best in the bizz r.i.p

  11. The scoreless 9th inning featured Randy Johnson, Wade Boggs, Bernie Williams, Paul O'Neill, Mariano Rivera, Ken Griffey Jr., Edgar Martinez, Alex Rodriguez, and Jack McDowell.

  12. This was a great series especially since the fact of the Yankees didn’t want Ken Griffey Sr a young Jeter and draft pick Alex Rodriguez waiting in the wings to make this rivalry great two years later a former hurricane in ARod vs a former Michigan Wolverine in Jeter.

  13. I never thought about the obvious innuendo of "Randy Johnson" "The Big Unit," but I was 14 at that time. 10 years later I thought about the implication of the name and laughed.


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