Try this stability ball workout to tone your abs, arms, back, butt, core,…
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42 thoughts on “10-Min Beginner Workout – Top 9 Stability Ball Exercises – Stability Ball Workout for Beginners

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  2. Thank you for the workout! My favorite excercise is the jackknife abs! I am getting ready for the soccer season is august hope hopefully this helps 👍🔥⚽️

  3. I really enjoyed this workout. The quarantine brought me here too. Does anybody know how many calories this 10 minute workout burns? I need to add it to My Fitness Pal app. Please help. Thank you.

  4. When she crunches up she goes like an inch. Me over here being judgemental and not doing anything 😂

  5. I love these stability ball workout videos. I am recovering from a few knee surgeries over a few years. Hopefully there will be more!

    How come I can't find this video or the intermediate stability ball workout when I try and go back to search for them in the playlists?

  6. I paused the video so she could take a break

    Edit: omg 15 likes !!!! That’s the most I’ve had in my whole life 😃

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