10 Best Video Game Trilogies Of All Time


From gameplay to story, characters to world building – which three titles make for the best video game trilogy?

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  1. No Metroid prime trilogy? It’s the second highest rated trilogy on metacritic. Second to the Halo franchise

  2. 1. Halo trilogy
    2. Mass effect trilogy
    3. Witcher trilogy
    4. Dragon age trilogy
    5. Elder scrolls trilogy
    6. God of war trilogy
    7. Dark souls trilogy
    8. Uncharted trilogy
    9. Ezio trilogy
    10. Batman arkham trilogy

  3. Suspected the least there'd be no Resistance or Ratchet on here, always knew Insomniac's games ain't recognised by many or given great love.

  4. The craziest thing about the Halo trilogy is that CE was revolutionary and has a 97 metacritic score. Halo 2 was also ahead of its time with its multiplayer component and is credited with the series’ best story. However, you can make a strong case that Halo 3 is the best in the series.

  5. I do love Splinter Cell but there’s been 6 games not 3. Mass Effect and Halo will always be the top for me.

  6. Unpopular opinion: Mass Effect 3’d ending wasn’t as bad as it was made out to be. It’s not GREAT, but it’s the ending that had to happen.

  7. gears of war, uncharted, metal gear solid!?!?!, splinter cell, batman arkham series, HALO… These all have more then 3 games like wtf, how about some actual trilogies owh wait nvm.. forgotten sands happend.. <<<in my opinion Prince of Persia was the best but<<<< At least its better then the Ezio triology 😒😑

  8. Top 10 Video Game Trilogies

    10.Mass Effect Trilogy
    9.Uncharted Trilogy
    8.Mortal Kombat Trilogy
    7.resident evil trilogy
    6.God of War Trilogy
    5.C.O.D Modern Warfare Trilogy
    4.Super Mario Bros Trilogy
    3.Max Payne Trilogy
    2.Halo Trilogy
    1.Batman Arkham Trilogy

  9. The Castlevania trilogy for NES, the spyro trilogy, the ratchet and clank games for ps2 and bioshock trilogy all are missing. What a bunch of idiots that made this list.

  10. A few of these are no longer trilogies, not convinced by your ordering either. AC over uncharted and arkham? Halo at number 1? seems you've just slapped together a list of popular franchises in no real order.

  11. What, no Xenosaga? Those 3 games easily should've been on the list albeit an honorable mention for their amazing story, exceptional musical scores, and outright tearjerker of a finale. It also has an anime, but I think most games are heading there now.

  12. What a ridiculous video! Plays extremely fast and loose with the idea of a trilogy (you can't just choose three games that you liked from a longer series and call it a trilogy) and then misses out some fantastic actual trilogies (Witcher, Dark Souls, etc). I enjoy almost all the What Culture Gaming videos, but this was just pointless and irrelevant!

  13. the new direction Assassins Creed has taken with Origins and Odyssey is brilliant, i loved Origins and i can't wait to play Odyssey on Friday 🙂

  14. Scott, just stop talking. I knew from the thumbnail this would be you. You are the worst of everyone at WhatCulture. The majority of this list is series above 3 entries. I genuinely think you should re-evaluate yourself as a part of this channel. That is an opinion I've had for a very long time now, and it is list like this that make me cringe at the sound of your name.

  15. Mentioning the "Arkham" trilogy, while not even dedicating ONE WORD to "Arkham knight"…

    Also, no Witcher trilogy entry? Well, it Is your opinion, i just strongly disagree. And no one cares, but i do.

  16. You have the Crash Trilogy but not Spyro? Firstly spyro is an incredible trilogy for its fun game play, its variation, and its inavitive creation. Secondly crash is far better than the likes of crash.

    Oh and no GTA 3 Trilogy? (GTA3, Vice City, San Andreas)

  17. The Modern Warfare trilogy anyone? I know Call of Duty has gone to hell in a breadbasket, but these were when it was at its best!


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