What is a Gamertag? The Strange Evolution of Gamers' Chosen Identities


In real life, you don’t get to choose your own name. Sure, once you’re an adult you can legally change it, but by then, you’ve already spent a large chunk of your existence already being called something.

But thankfully for the internet and video games, we are all given a second chance.

The opportunity to fully rebrand – the power to create an alter-ego that can express our identity and tell the rest of the world what we are all about.

A gamertag.

Written by: Josh Bury (@ThrownGauntlet)
Edited by: Chris Barrow
Hosted and produced by: Miles Hacket (@miles_hackett)
Graphics by: Diego Bernal Gómez (@diegomographics)

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  1. the cringe on this is real.. also feeling a little dated.. i remember my parents watching those ridiculous news stories

  2. It’s kind of retarded when games make you have a unique username instead of having an account number then a gamer tag

  3. the cop was half correct. it was not used by gamers becasue online gaming didnt exist back then, it was used by geeks and hackers when message boards were the only way to send info to each other. before email and before there were forums with signin names and passwords..

  4. people started calling me sketchy in csgo games and accused me of cheating bc i hit nutty shots or shots trough smokes, so i decided to create the gamer tag "sketch". i will use it forever!

  5. Section 0: Pre-name/clan
    1. e-sports team (Faze)

    Section 1: Main Name
    1. Name (Adam)
    2. Animal (Tiger)
    3. Object (Lemon)

    Section 3: Because The Gamertag Is Taken
    1. Number (69,420)
    2. Birth year (1998,04)
    3. Country (us,pl,jp)

    1. Xx________xX
    2. ITz______

    1. gamertag
    3. Gamertag
    4. GaMeRtAg
    5. G4m3rt4g

    Popular Words:
    1. Killer
    2. Kill
    3. Dead
    4. Ghost
    5. Blood
    6. Shadow
    7. Dragon
    8. Wolf
    9. Pro
    10. Warrior
    11. Hunter
    12. King
    13. Lord

  6. "Many of us identify with our tags, its a name we get to choose, an identity; we get to shape".


  7. My gamer tags have evolved on Xbox 360 it was epic24x7 on PS4 it was optic trailmix and on pc I’m pissinceral

  8. My gamertag is MangiferaIndica

    Mango is my favorite fruit but it was already taken so I looked up the scientific name for it.

    Its kinda funny when people want to talk shit and they cant pronounce it so maybe I will one day switch it to Mang


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