Voy’s motto has always been “IT’S THE KID!!” No wait.. it’s always been “THE MALLET TECH!” No that’s not the one I’m thinking of either. 🤔 Voy’s motto was always “Every game is winnable” and proves just that again in today’s exciting on the edge-of-your-gamer-chair Vladimir game! 🧛 Learn to play from behind and shot-call like your favorite mastermind of the Rift with the double V’s today!

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SNAPCHAT: voyboy

EDITED BY: Master Els

ART BY: dami.exe

Televisor – Find That Someone (feat. Richard Judge)
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26 thoughts on “What a Challenger Carry Vladimir Game Looks Like! 😎 | Voyboy

  1. charging your E slows down or pauses the Q "red passive", noticed voy didnt use that technology at 18:18

  2. 5:40 he was holding it till the tower drop to half hp, so he can one shot it with true damage, he just spawned it in an awkward spot.

    and wth with that weird thumbnail clickbait

  3. 8:52 "when your WHOLE team wants to give up". Only one member of his team voted yes hahaha.

  4. 8:53 when the editor sees three people vote no but says when you're whole team wants to give up! Omegalul!

  5. The Kid is out here creating alternate timelines just to grind solo queue. With great power comes great queue times.

  6. Gotta love how you can literally counter argument Voy's entire intro by just saying "Bruh if they were watching the stream they would've heard you say "I'm gonna lie". "

  7. the reason why olaf held on to his herald earlier was bcuz the herald can one shot the tower when the tower is two plates down.

  8. I thought since the enemy should've dodged into your comp you said that so next lobby (potentially with your teammates in it or enemies from last lobby) don't ban Vladimir!

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