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For over 20 years Judge Judy has ruled her daytime courtroom with an iron fist. Now it’s time to decide which of her many iconic moments is the best. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Judge Judy Moments! Is there a funny or memorable Judge Judy moment we forgot? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. There was another self-indicting episode in which the defendant incriminated themself 3 times, straight! Anyone found that episode?

  2. Omg, I can't believe an Earthquake happened on the show! Lol, and that girl just stood there while everybody was running away…😂😂

  3. Would be better if there wasn’t so much commentating
    . Gez just let judge Judy talk instead of telling us about it . Annoying as F!

  4. To all female Universal Censors: congratulations in not only being amazingly fair, but also winning against wrong preconceptions about females. It is amazing that you remained strong and went on to continue delivering divine justice!

  5. Lmao the captain didn't go down with her ship there. Judy bounced faster than that building during the earthquake lolll! She ditched the whole courtroom didn't even say a word lmaooo. Oh and hey MMojo, that girl in the pool was from like 04 and she lost her iphone how crazy is that? I read up on that case lol

  6. When talking about the drunk people it is clear you have never seen a drunk person because people do act like that

  7. No Judge Judy, they don’t keep you on TV because you’re gorgeous nor smart… they keep you here because being a cold bitch is good television, lol.

  8. Fucking laughing too hard as an extra. Fucking wow. If I ever get on there. I’m going to laugh as loud and obnoxious as I can.

  9. This could have been interesting if the person posting it had not done the voice overs in every case. I would have to preferred to listen to the plaintiffs and defendants. And not that woman who speaks in all those cases…. yawn

  10. The Law says, you're wrong, but who instigated is my Question, & allowed, Charges Withdrawn, or do I have to Dismiss, due to extreme circumstances & past due date for charging Authority


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