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When you look at the credits of a video game file, you’re going to see lot’s and lot’s of different title’s. And so one of the one’s that we here of a lot is, okay, there’s animator and there’s technical animator? Well what’s the difference?

To put it simply, the difference between a technical animator and the animator is the difference between the person who makes the doll, give’s it, it’s joints and how it actually works, and the person that moves the doll and makes it seem life-like.

The technical animator’s job is to put the rig together, to make it work in a way that the production moves smoothly and the animator’s job is to take those tools, and to take that product, and to give it life and make it work in the game.


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  1. He didn't have to put it that simply. He just raised a new question: what's the difference between a technical animator and a rigger?


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