SHOPKEEPER FINDS VALENTINES DATE IN NEW DUOS MODE!! Apex Legends Event #09 Spinks Gaming Moments


#SponsoredByEA The NEW Valentines Day Event Update means Duos is BACK!!! This Duo Mode gives this Shopkeeper the perfect opportunity on Valentines Day….enjoy & smash Like!

Apex Legends:


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  1. apex should be like this. apex should add a gamemode like this no weapons you can only hangout and make friends with everyone and do fun things like make obstacle courses and every legends are free but you only use them in that mode.

  2. Aha on Xbox last 3 squads we all popped our tacts and zipling going in portals jumping around in smoke and getting scanned getting teleported with two lobas we all rushed into ring and the ones with gold knockdowns won 😂👌🏽

  3. You're truly one of the funniest and most genuine streamer ever! You're number 1 watched for me. We even try to do shopkeeping but have yet to get any friends 😂 keep up the good videos man!

  4. I love how you spread love in a game in which we're supposed to kill everyone else. I'm sensitive af I know but this gets me, especially in these hard times… DIP DIP POTATO CHIP

  5. There was one time when I was chasing Wraith and she started teabaging, I started doing it too. Everything was so wholesome…

    But then my 26 lvl teammate came and killed her…


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