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One Punch Man

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31 thoughts on “One Punch Man (Season 1) – Episode 04 [English Sub]

  1. Some heroes aren't well known even though they helped other people especially defending against strongest opponents

  2. 16:00 and 19:00 I felt sorry for Saitama…
    Although he is the one who defeats almost, no, EVERY enemy in this universe😭😭😭😭

  3. 4:10 Yes, that's how you should react when someone asks you to play rock, paper, scissors with a booger on his finger…. XD

  4. When the other teammate,s said the golden thing on top of the building is called the golden turd i said no its not a golden turd its a poop😛😛

  5. OMG, i didnt notice 12:02 genos's body frame was much similar with optimus prime in The Transformers: The Movie

  6. i really love mumen rider. he is the bravest and courageous hero. i wish there is a guy like him in our today's society.

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