Mini Cooper green-mode – Fish game


Green and Eco Driving modes are nothing new, but in the third-generation Cooper, Mini have taken it a step further and turned it into a game! When on the go, select ‘Green Driving Mode’ – which automatically puts the car into an eco-friendly state. Using the iDrive, you can then select the Minimalism Monitor – and it gives you a pretty cool game where you have acceleration, anticipation and changing gear stars to earn – with a little fish in a bowl, sitting on top of the mini.

Now for the sake of today, we are going to call him, Gary.

Gary responds to how you drive your car. The smoother you accelerate, the more anticipation you give before braking and the lower RPM gear changes you use… Gary gets happy and he earns a star.

The more stars you earn, the happier the fish gets.

Gary is a pretty hard task-master. Your gear changes need to be under 2,000 rpm, and if you are not paying attention, you will lose stars faster than you earn them.

Throw out the anchors a little bit too hard, and you’ll be penalised for your anticipation by Gary showing a pair of binoculars so let you know you should be looking further ahead.

A little too eager on the throttle, Gary’s fishbowl spins backwards, water falls out and he’s very unimpressed.

Just having the car in Green Mode will increase your range as it changes the throttle mapping.

We were playing with the Minimalism monitor all morning and only added a few hundred meters to our overall range. Which ads up in the long run, but is a lot of work for not much gain.

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