This is my video tutorial on how to root a Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Adavantages of rooting your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 via this method…

2. Minimal Downloads
3. Quick – 2-5 Mins Approx


This will trip your Knox counter and warranty CANNOT be reclaimed! (…as of now at least)

To know what rooting is and reasons why you should root your phone –

1. Samsung Kies –

2. CF-Auto-Root

Where to buy?

International – Amazon –

Amazon.in –
Flipkart –

Contact Info:

Twitter: @C4ETech (
Website –

Nguồn: https://partnersinsublime.com/

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50 thoughts on “How to Root the Galaxy Note 4 [Safe & No Loss of Data]

  1. Unfortunately these instructions go into the toilet when the "PDA" button needs to be pushed in Odin, and there isn't one.

  2. Is this idiot naturally stupid or what? His instruction is so hard to follow, especially when he brought up the PC screen (he calls it "BC"!) without telling the audience what the URL is!

  3. thanks alot my phone is stuck on this one thing were it says Downloading… Do not turn off target ughhhhh!!

  4. Please help meeeee my phone sm-n910c note 4 still rebooting by hem self after downloading the root with oding please im stuck now help me just a advice or something

  5. I followed ur instructions to the letter and it sent my phone in a boot loop. had to flash original firmware with kies

  6. Hey im new to this and i thought i had rooted my note 4 correctly but the s u binary wont update preventing me from completing root access?? i have tried many different solutions and so far none have come through? any suggestions?

  7. Ive had my note 4 for like 8 months Now. Is rooting going to make it slower? And is this the same as jailbreaking?

  8. Tempted on rooting the N910F yet don't want to void the warranty can root access be made applicable without tripping Knox or will it be possible in future realeases ?

  9. What is I wanna do root access but in another country or language. ..like haiti. .but I'm in the states. .is it possible?

  10. hi ive just got a not 4 and its a clean version.
    Ive found my version on the CF auto root website but ive just noticed that although the model number matches up, my baseband version is one letter different?
    Would this be a problem? Mine is KTU84P.NP910FXXU1ANK4 and on the website it is KTU84p.NP910FXXU1ANJ8

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