How Did You Get Your Gamertag? Pt. 2 | DBLTAP Rapid Fire


ECS Season 4 Finals Rapid Fire. Rapid Fire Gamertag CSGO featuring FaZe GuardiaN FaZe NiKo Team Liquid EliGE Team Liquid nitr0 Optic Friberg OpTic HS Astralis Kjaerbye RUBINO mousesports ropz C9 Rush Luminosity yeL

Want to know how your favorite pros got their Gamertags? It’s a Christmas miracle! We stopped by the ECS Season 4 Finals in Cancun and got the answers. Find out the truth behind the names in our Rapid Fire!

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  1. Flusha lol. I just like this guy just as a player and person. Hes always kind and funny. Also super smart player and he donated alot of money to SK (LG) so get to the big tournaments wich most ppl don't know. Now they're the best team.

  2. "I change my name a lot, everyone always thought I cheated, so I always change it." – Kirby confirmed cheater

  3. Wish I didn’t know flushas because I thought it derived from a royals flush which is like one of the best hands in poker


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