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41 thoughts on “Game Grumps Animated – Dan's Many Stories – by ThePivotsXXD

  1. I love this animation but I gotta be honest Arin in this animation style looks like if a stack of pancakes was given life and became Dora the Explorer

  2. I thought this animation was from the future until I realized they did a play through before their current ome

  3. Dan: "a ghetto restaurant"
    The black in me: "wtf he mean by that?!"
    me: "calm down dude its just a joke jeez"

  4. arin looks like dora the explorer weng exploring, got lost, and had to eat boots, the map,backpack, and swiper to survive

  5. Oh God, I didn't know I needed this in my life XDXD I shouldn't have taken a drink before I watched this XDXD

    Bish all that food is mine i'm a fat little shit that's gonna steal all your damn food
    i.. I just want some orange chicken ;-;

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