Frogger -The Great Quest (PS2) Longplay [165]


There’s not enough lines of cocaine in the world to make this a decent game. I’m so glad my friend convinced me to play this game for the first time instead of finishing watching carlito’s way for the first time. This game has the worst combat system i’ve used in a video game, bad controls, awful voice acting, boring gameplay, lag and glitches. At two points I had to use a walkthrough because the game didn’t tell me how to use the look control on level 3 and the last stage was confusing to navigate since everything looks similar. The final boss is really a stupid fight and I think I accidentally found a way to kill him without looking at him and being stuck in the wall.


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  1. My childhood right there and I played it on PC. Its kinda strange and creepy at times, always asked my dad to play it for me cuz when enemies attacked, it creep the hell outta me. Overall, no matter what this game is, its a piece of my childhood and I treasure it.

  2. Frogger (He’s Back): An adorable little frog trying to save baby frogs

    Frogger (Great Quest): What the hell is this ugly mess of a design?

  3. This game has been chilling in the deepest crevices of my childhood memories and I'm so happy I found game play of it lol. The game play mechanics now that I'm looking at them are cringe but I'd still like to play it for nostalgia if I ever get a chance. I couldn't get past a certain part after I defeated this particular boss that was a phantom who when his face cracked had Frogger's face? I was so confused as a kid but after that I couldn't figure out where the frick I was supposed to go and never beat the game… but now I'll get to see how this strange game ends lol

    Also, I remember I liked pissing off the bees when asking them for honey and then would proceed to shoot them all from the bottom of a nearby lake. I guess I was a maniac little kid lol
    And I remember the boat level everyone in the comments is talking about but I guess I didn't struggle with it that much? I just sneaked around and killed all the cats on board and yeeted out of there on the back of a crocodile I think? Idek tbh my memory is so fuzzy ^^;

  4. The soundtrack on this game is the only thing good about this game. Fun Fact: The Dark Trail Ruins theme is Silent Hill 2 Promise theme remixed

  5. boss 1: slick willy 55:14
    boss 2: dark one 1:24:42
    boss 3: metal chicken ray, dr.starkenstein, big bill and stinky phill 1:55:59
    boss 4: king harshhand (final) 2:48:02

  6. I couod barely get this game to work as a kid. The disc was so scratched up I could barely make it past the first level without the game freezing or glitching out with the music randomly stopping

  7. Oml I used to play this all the time when I was little but I constantly screwed up on one part I forget which part but it made me stop playing this game forever

  8. bruh i was mad as fuck as a kid not knowing what to do on that boat level after killing all the cats. never found out either and just stopped playing lol

  9. I looked this game up as I played it as a kid when it first came out. I had such found memories of this game and blew it up to be super fantastical. But here I am….. 23 years old and questioning what in the sweet hell did I just watch.

    Oh well

  10. I remember when I played the catacombs level. There was a room with a ghost enemy and I couldn't defeat it. So I tried running away from it hoping it would stay in that room. But it kept following me throughout the level. That ghost scared me so much that I turned off the game and never played it again.

  11. Holy shit, watching this ruined my childhood. I used to somehow love this game but in retrospect it's a massive piece of crap.


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