ceil, round, floor Math Functions in C Programming Language Video Tutorial


In this C programming language video tutorial / lecture for beginners video series, you will learn how to use the ceil(), floor() and round() functions in detail with example.

The ceil function is used to get the smallest integer not less than the number passed as a argument to this function, floor function is used to get the largest integer not greater than the number passed as the argument and also it is used to get the nearest integer to a number passes to it as the argument along with their syntax.

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  1. clear but what if you ceil(variable), where variable is float? what decimal is going to be ceiled?
    I have A=3,45678
    I need to get 2 decimals rounded to 0,05 without truncation but ceiling. I can we get it?
    i.e. 3,44 must be 3,45; 3,41 must be 3,45 end so on…


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