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A playthrough of Sega’s 1991 Sega Genesis competitive ‘sports’ title, California Games.

Yes, it’s the mega-classic turned overwrought blood-diamond mine from the ironically awesome (until hitting epic-fail with Atari) Epyx. This has to be one of the most ported games of the 80s – seriously. I remember this being on just about everything that had a screen. I mean my first grade classroom’s Apple II had a copy of this (complete with handwritten label) in the disk caddy next to the green monochrome monitor. *Sigh* yeah, that was about 1988. Ouch.

Anyways, the Genesis version looks nice, and it does just about everything else that the Zack Morris phone port could do, but the real differentiating factor – it god rid of that horrendous attempt at Louis, Louis featured on most of the ports (except the Amiga version, that sounded awesome), and replaced it with one of the most orgasmically amazing FM tracks ever with the new title screen music.

Yeah, anyone that wants to hate on the Genesis sound chip, listen to the theme song. I added it in its entirety at the end of the video, it’s that awesome.

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. I loved this game soooooo much still do I remember whooping my sons butt on all events lol hes now 19 and thinks he'd beat me now lol I very much doubt it lmao thanks for uploading I'm hoping I can get this game again ❤

  2. Mega Drive melhor versão. Pena não ter FLYING DISK e se fizessem o cenário como da Atari ST seria perfeita 😀

  3. So you didn't even bother to show off the color test? It's one of the (not really that few) Mega Drive games that was able to display more than 61 colors, with the test going up to 224!

  4. It's the same California Games that it is on every other platform under the sun, but this one is special because of its music. Seriously – its title theme is one of the most memorable and distinctive Genesis tunes of all time!


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