🎮 5 Famous Video Game Trilogies That Were Never Completed | Fact Hunt


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Guru Larry takes a look at 5 video games, that were intended to be epic three-part escapades, but for multiple reasons never made it past it’s first or second entry!


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  1. There’s been a meme for the last decade about how valve is scared of the number 3. I can see why; portal and half-life have the power to give valve a huge market share and they decided it wasn’t worth it

  2. Dude for real, Custer's revenge, Beat em' and eat em' but I don't even know if they "Finished" the adult sexy time Atari games.

    Beat em' and eat em' needs a sequel! Then we will have complete the 4bit smut trilogy.

  3. Funny how 2 years later we got another half life game it may not be HL3 but it’s a half life game reguardless

  4. I thought I'd better say it here if no one's told you, Larry but that scene at the end of Half-Life: ALYX strongly hints that having successfully undone the death of Eli Vance is a lead-in to finally getting Half-Life 3 (or 2, Ep. 3… either way, man, long as it's not VR I'm there for damn-sure!)

  5. All I remember about Advent Rising: good music, mediocre gameplay. Didn't know it was meant to be a trilogy.

  6. If only gabe newell known about Spyro, crash, God Of War, Persona 5, a hat in time, Sonic Mania, Super Mario Odyssey, Luigi's Mansion 3, you get the idea

  7. Not HL-3 of course but there is a new HL game coming out on the VR setup. So maybe they will finish the series on that, now let's just check steam.

    £919 for the kit. Holy fuck

  8. If only guru larry waited a few more months then he would have known that the 3rd one has tecnically been announced

  9. If the third installments never came out, are these really trilogies? Even more, half life is not a trilogy, cause then so is portal…and we all know Gabe newell doesn't know how to count past 2…!


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