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Here are the names of the 2 apps that pay:
1) Feature Gift changed to “Cash Bounty”
2) AppTrailers
3) FishforMoney App:

If you can’t find these to apps then just search apps that pay in your app store or iTunes. It is possible that these games could be available only for a limited time. Playing games and getting paid is fun. One of my favorite things to do when I’m bored or have free time to burn is play these to free apps and earn a little money on the side. The points add up fast. It is like having a little online piggy bank. The money you earn is paid directly to your paypal account and then you can deposit it to your bank account. I made this video to give you some money making ideas so you can learn ways to make money from your phone in your free time. Anyone can do this and make a little quick money from home. Everyone has bill to pay and groceries to buy so a little pocket change always helps here and there. I’ve made anywhere from $20 to $80 a month doing stuff like this and it works.

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