‘Star Wars Episode VII’ to be shot on film, not digital

mone8 August 25, 2013 Comments Off

Artist Adam Schickling’s fan-made print for a subsequent “Star Wars.”

Adam Schickling)

Never mind about Baffman, this is a best geek news of a day. The new “Star Wars” movie, Episode VII, will be shot on good out-of-date film, like a originals — not a digital cameras used in Episodes I-III.

At an eventuality hosted by a American Society of Cinematographers, cinematographer Dan Mindel, who worked with new “Star Wars” executive J.J. Abrams on a new “Star Trek” flicks, reliable he’d be sharpened on 35mm Kodak film, Boba Fett Fan Club reports.

Mindel initial worked with Abrams on “Mission: Impossible 3″ and taught him how to emanate a lens-flare outcome he crams into each singular second of a “Star Trek” movies. What a good debt we all owe him.

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