Janicab.A Malware Targets Computers Running OS X and Windows [Mac Blog]

mone8 July 25, 2013 Comments Off

Researchers from F-Secure, Webroot, and Avast have unclosed Janicab.A, a new trojan that was detected as a hazard to Macs final week and Windows users on Monday, with commentary being published recently.

For OS X users, Janicab.A was sealed with a current Apple Developer ID and also uses a special unicode impression famous as a “right-to-left override” (RLO) that is used in email malware attacks. From there, a trojan uses a YouTube page to steal putrescent computers, leads them to command-and-control (CC) servers, and afterwards leaves a server and hides a infection by creation a malware seem as a submissive PDF or DOC file.

Webroot writes:

After a comparatively prolonged loiter duration but saying any sold new and sparkling Mac malware, final week we saw a surfacing of a new and engaging process of compromising a OSX system. Malware authors have taken a new proceed by altering record extensions of antagonistic .app packages in sequence to pretence users into meditative they are opening comparatively submissive .pdf or .doc files. Changing record extensions in Mac OSX can be wily due to a built in confidence underline of a OS that detects attempts to change a prolongation and automatically annexes a prolongation of the scold record or package type.

This news comes after Apple updated confidence definitions to fight ‘Yontoo’, an adware trojan this past March, while also frequently traffic with Java-related vulnerabilities. Apple introduced Gatekeeper in OS X Mountain Lion in sequence to improved understanding with confidence threats, charity a approach for users to shorten designation of apps to those sealed by Apple-issued Developer IDs.

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