Dropbox facilities uncover adult in Yahoo Mail, Asana, and more

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The new Dropbox Chooser apparatus lets we supplement files from Dropbox to other apps.

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At a developer discussion this week in San Francisco, cloud storage hulk Dropbox announced a few new developer tools, called Drop-Ins, that emanate a couple between Dropbox and any app or online service.

The initial Drop-Ins are called Saver and Chooser. True to their names, Chooser lets we select and import your Dropbox files into other apps, and Saver helps we save files directly to Dropbox but downloading them to your tough expostulate or device.

The news means opposite things to opposite people. For iPhone owners who use Dropbox on their phones, this is good news. Previously, there was no approach to insert Dropbox files to e-mails or use them in other apps on your phone from a iOS Dropbox app (you were usually means to share a couple to a Dropbox file, not a record itself).

If we have an
Android phone, we won’t see as a most of a change, as we can already trade Dropbox files to your device’s inner memory or other apps. However, you’ll save a few additional stairs indispensable to find a record in Dropbox and trade it to another app.

Ahead of Dropbox’s conference, several developers worked with a cloud association to supplement these new collection to their apps. We’ve dull adult 6 apps — and dual Web sites — that got updated this week to embody Chooser, Saver, or both to make it a small easier to find and save files in Dropbox.

Mailbox: This iOS-only app helps we fast blast by an superfluous Gmail inbox. Now we can insert Dropbox files to effusive e-mails by simply drumming a symbol and selecting a file, something a batch mail app on a iPhone and
iPad can’t do.

Yahoo Mail: Yahoo’s Mail on a Web (not mobile) gives we a choice to download files and photos directly to Dropbox instead of your tough drive, and insert files from Dropbox. All we have to do is possibly pointer adult for Dropbox comment or pointer in to a stream account. Once set up, you’ll see a symbol to download attachments to Dropbox in your e-mails. You can find some-more sum on Yahoo’s blog.

Shutterstock: Using a Dropbox Saver tool, Shutterstock gives we a choice to download images and video directly to your Dropbox account.

PicMonkey: PicMonkey is an online print editor that helps we make print collages. You can now import photos from Dropbox, revise them, and afterwards save them behind in Dropbox when you’re done.

Asana: Asana is a plan and charge government use that assistance teams stay organized. The association has updated a iOS and Android apps to concede we to insert Dropbox files to tasks so others can perspective and download them.

CloudOn: CloudOn is a use that brings Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to a iPad and
Android tablets. You can now open Dropbox files in a app and save files behind to a cloud service.

Simple: Simple calls itself an choice to normal banking and helps we improved conduct your money. With Dropbox Chooser, we can insert photos, receipts, or anything else to particular exchange from a Simple iOS and Android apps. Simple says a new underline can assistance we remember exchange or find that place that served extraordinary brunch but carrying to puncture for it.

Outbox: Hoping to finish snail mail forever, Outbox scans your earthy mail and sends we e-mails of everything. Dropbox says you’ll shortly be means to save each square of scanned mail — either we wish it or not — to your Dropbox account.

For a longer list of apps that are adding Chooser, Saver, or both, conduct over to a Dropbox Blog. The vital takeaway from Dropbox’s news is that some-more and some-more apps and services will give we a choice to squeeze Dropbox files and/or save documents, photos, and video to Dropbox. It’s a outrageous step for Dropbox’s idea to get all of your files off your tough expostulate into a cloud. Let us know in a comments if we consider it’s a step in a right direction.

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