Skype updates for Windows Phone 8, Windows desktop

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Skype on Windows Phone 8

Skype says a refurbish for Windows Phone 8 will urge notifications, calls to phone numbers, and more.

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Microsoft’s Skype section done accessible for download on Monday Skype updates for Windows Phone 8 and Windows desktop.

Skype 2.6 for Windows Phone 8, that a group calls a “minor” update, is accessible for download from a Windows Phone Store. The 2.6 refurbish includes improvements around a trustworthiness of discuss and call notifications, of calls to phone numbers, and fortitude to “occasional blank summary preview in a new conversations list,” according to a Skype site.

The Skype group also supposing information about some arriving fixes and updates for still-unresolved problems with Skype on Windows Phone 8. The group is operative to repair an emanate where calls keep toll when answered on a opposite device or finished by a caller. The group also pronounced it would yield in an vague destiny recover a ability to pointer in with a Microsoft comment that isn’t assimilated to a Skype account.

Other entrance improvements for some vague destiny releases: a repair to problems some are carrying with video interlude when a call is in a background; imprinting as review on other inclination a summary that a user reads on Windows Phone; and a bug ensuing in all calls perceived when a Skype app is sealed appearing as audio calls.

Skype 6.3 for Windows, that works on Windows XP, Vista and
Windows 7, is available here. (This new chronicle is not an refurbish for a Skype for
Windows 8 application.) There’s not most information as to specific new facilities in 6.3, though improvements to “the peculiarity and fortitude of a application” are listed on Skype’s site as what’s new.

In other Microsoft use updates, a SkyDrive cloud storage group also announced a few new enhancements to SkyDrive on Monday that will be rolling out over a subsequent 48 hours. Among them:

  • Ability to corkscrew by all photos stored on SkyDrive in one seamless timeline experience
  • Faster print upload
  • Easier readability of thumbnails, as good as new thumbnails for PowerPoint and Word files

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