How Boeing’s 777-300ER could assistance save American Airlines

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American Airlines hopes a arise behind to profitability and aptitude can get a large burst start with a launch of all-new livery, and Boeing’s 777-300ER. It is a initial U.S. conduit to fly a plane, a many successful twin-engine aircraft in a world.

Chris Sloan/

It has turn a world’s most-successful twin-engine airplane, though until now, no U.S. conduit has flown Boeing’s 777-300ER. But with a launch on Thursday of a Dallas to Sao Paolo, Brazil flight, American Airlines has damaged new ground, and is now depending on a fledgling 777-300ER swift to re-earn a once mythological wings. And make it a lot of money.

Among a many passengers aboard a initial moody to Sao Paolo was Chris Sloan, an aviation author who mostly flies on a many important planes in a skies. Sloan, who formerly common his impressions of a initial Boeing 787 Dreamliner blurb moody with CNET, has once again let us in on what it’s like to be among a initial people aboard a notable, world-class airplane.

American Airlines finally brings Boeing’s 777-300ER home

As Sloan notes, a past few years have not been kind to American Airlines. The conduit has left by bankruptcy, seats apropos unbolted, a catastrophic crash, and more.

But a airline is doing a best to come behind from a dead, and a launch of use aboard a 777-300ER, as good as a roll-out of all-new livery, uncover that American can’t be counted out.

As Sloan wrote:

In an epoch of smaller airliners, American inaugurated a 777-300, a largest new airliner by a U.S. conduit given a final Boeing 747-400s entered use with U.S. airliners in a late 1990s. Built to hoop adult to 386 passengers and fly adult to 7,825 nautical miles, American’s 777-300ER is a initial craft flown by a U.S. conduit to underline a stand-up bar given a 1970s, Sloan wrote. American flies a aircraft in a 304-passenger, four-class and six-cabin configuration.

This inaugural, moody 963, from Dallas/Ft. Worth to São Paulo, Brazil in a author’s perspective is one of a many poignant in a airline attention in years since it is about something most bigger than only a launch of a new airliner, it’s about a re-birth of a unapproachable American establishment that happens to bear a name of the nation – American Airlines.

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