Apple and RIM secrets sold by ex-AT&T employee

mone8 June 19, 2012 Comments Off

A former ATT worker is the latest corporate employee to confess involvement with insider trading, according to Reuters. Alnoor Ebrahim said he sold stock traders information that included ATT sales numbers for Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s BlackBerry.

Ebrahim pleaded guilty today in U.S. District Court to one count of conspiracy to commit wire and securities fraud. “I provided insider information concerning ATT’s sales of Apple’s
iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry products, as well as other handset set devices sold through ATT distribution channels,” he told a judge.

Ebrahim, a 57-year-old U.S. citizen born in Tanzania, claimed to be part of a ring of employees who illegally sold such information to stock traders via firms who specialized in insider trading. In a plea agreement, federal prosecutors agreed to sentencing Ebrahim to a maximum of two years in prison.

When CNET contacted ATT for comment, spokesman Marty Richter said, “We took this matter very seriously and cooperated fully with the authorities. The conduct alleged is clearly against our code of business conduct, and Mr. Ebrahim is no longer an employee.”

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