The 404 1,071: Where we say goodbye to Hollywood (podcast)

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Eric Fleischauer

We’ll wait until tomorrow to go over all the Apple announcements from WWDC, so today’s show is all about Jeff’s return to the East Coast and his E3 wrap-up. Jeff and Scott Stein agree that the show lacked the hardware announcements everyone expected, with Nintendo playing serious catch-up with the
Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Jeff and I then envision a potential future without E3 or maybe even a move to New York, where my co-host wouldn’t be forced to play next-gen hockey games as the LA Kings.

Moving on, we’ll talk about Microsoft registering a patent last week that proposes ad targeting based on your emotional state. The proposition involves using audio and video capture devices (Web cams?) in conjunction with the Kinect to deliver search results based on your facial expressions and an “emotion-detecting algorithm.” Beyond the obviously privacy implications, we’re doubtful that our generic “Internetting faces” will give the company the relevant data it seeks; plus misaligned assumptions could deliver a 10-gallon drum of sunblock to Mr. Bakalar’s doorstep.

This and more on today’s reunited 404 episode!

Bathroom break video: TED asks–Will our children be a different species?

Episode 1,071

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