The 404 977: Where we’re getting an upgrade (podcast)

mone8 January 24, 2012 Comments Off

Happy Chinese New Year! Our buddy from the CNET Labs Joseph Kaminski sits in for Wilson while he’s out stuffing himself with mooncake and lighting illegal fireworks.


In the meantime, there’s tech news to talk about! Over the weekend, Anonymous scratched off its bucket list, which went offline this weekend due to an attack supposedly in response to last week’s Megaupload raid.

To that end, other big players in the file-locker game are also getting justifiably nervous about their own content. FileSonic took the weekend to kill file sharing, and FileServe followed suit to the chagrin of paid subscribers to its “premium” services.

Got an idea for a site that Anonymous should take down next? It’s open season for finger-pointing on the group’s Twitter feed.

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