Buzz Out Loud 1573: BOL does not support SOPA (Podcast)

mone8 January 6, 2012 Comments Off

The U.S. Government does, but we just wanted to make that clear for you in this weeks show. Kodak’s facing an ugly future, Barnes and Noble is looking to spin-off its Nook division and will Yahoo ever be relevant again? Kanye West is comparing himself to Steve Jobs, seriously. Plus, we can’t wait to see all the new shiny toys at
CES 2012!

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-Kodak Preparing for Chapter 11 Filing

-Barnes Noble eyes Nook spin-off amid sales shortfall

-Yahoo’s new CEO Thompson: Five big challenges

-Brand new ceo same old messed up yahoo

-Music retailers cheer first sales increase in 7 years

-US Threatened To Blacklist Spain For Not Implementing Site Blocking Law


-Crazy Rumor: Google Is Working On A 7-Inch Tablet Priced To Beat The Kindle Fire

-The 50-inch Apple TV set rumor re-emerges

-Patents Show that the Next Xbox Might Be a DVR, Too


-PayPal dispute ends in destruction of violin

-Apple coughing up $5 million to settle patent infringement suit

-Apple attempts to ban Steve Jobs action figure

-Kanye West’s Epic Twitter Rant: Unite the Power of Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson and McQueen (Pick up where Steve Jobs left…)

-Kanye West Launches new production company likens self to Steve Jobs

-Sweden Recognizes File-Sharing as a Religion

CES – What we’re looking forward to in VEGAS

-Could LG’s new 55-inch OLED be the best TV ever?


-Scientists figure out how to “cloak” time


Caller is depressed after reading the 2011
Tablets to avoid.


Hey buzz crew,

I would like to make a prediction for 2012 that some computer maker will create a windows 8 or (less likely IOS) tablet that will have a laptop and desktop dock which will have separate processors and RAM so that when it is docked, the mobile processors will be supplemented with the additional resources to present the user with a full OS experience. This of course will then spell the end of traditional laptops and desktops in 2013.

Thanks you all… Love the show.



Here’s one I think was overlooked. A bit out there, but could easily be done.

Google will buy T-Mobile in 2012.

I’m just sayin’….they’ve got the cash and lots of dark fiber, why not. Get ATT and Verizon shaking in their boots!


Hello gang.

I’ve noticed something. I have a MacBook, an
iPhone and an iPad. I also have a Kindle, a Samsung Galaxy S II, a Dell running Windows, an HP running Ubuntu and I was a .net developer for 6 years. I like computers and gadgets and I’m getting a little tired of hearing the “”Oh, you’re one of those apple fan girls”” comment (subtext: “”Oh, you’re one of those people that would pay $1000 for a piece of poo if it was lacquered in white and had an apple logo””. I like my stuff. But it’s just stuff. On Apple as a company, or Steve Jobs as a person, I don’t really have an opinion.

This holiday season I once again found myself in a heated discussion about Apple products and the people who buy them. And I realized something. The heat in the discussion was not coming from me, but from people who do not use Apple products. More often than not, I end up having to defend what I’m spending my money on. (What I’m really thinking is “”I’m a grown woman and I make my own money and I can use it however I see fit so mind your own business.””)

I’m starting to see a pattern. People I know who use Apple products just sort of have them and don’t talk about them very much. People who don’t, seem to give it much more thought and are surprisingly aggressive when they talk about people who do. Many times, when someone writes in to the show and are really upset about something, they are referring to you guys being too easy on Apple. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw “”I can’t help but wonder””, what is it about that company that provokes such passion?

Stockholm, Sweden.


Guys –

Just got finished listening to your 2012 predictions podcast and really liked it. However, there’s just one small request I gotta ask of you all.

Could you guys start saying twenty-twelve instead of two thousand and twelve? You’re adding two full syllables in that are totally unnecessary. Not to mention that everyone is eventually going to start saying twenty because no one will want to say two thousand and twenty-two, but now seems like a good time.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!



I have been an avid listener to your podcasts for years now, but now I
learned that CBS is supporting SOPA. I have discontinued your podcasts
and hopes your parent company changes its mind.


—–, 800-616-2638 (CNET),

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