Get an 8GB Kingston Mini Fun flash drive for $7.95

mone8 January 4, 2012 Comments Off

You can daisy-chain the Lego-inspired Mini Fun drives for, um, fun!

You can daisy-chain the Lego-inspired Mini Fun drives for, um, fun!

BH Photo)

Okay, time to test the new-and-improved Cheapskate newsletter system, which shoots out the e-mail shortly after my post goes live.

That’s key today, as we’re looking at an item that’s likely to sell out fast.

While supplies last, has the Kingston 8GB DataTraveler Mini Fun flash drive for $7.95 shipped.

(In case of sellout, here’s a pre-emptive backup: BH Photo has the drive for just a buck more.)

This is actually on par with a similar drive I wrote up a couple months ago–another $8, 8GB DataTraveler–but this one is “fun.” Specifically, its cap is a Lego-like piece that can pop onto the rear at a 90-degree angle.

If you had multiple drives, you could daisy-chain them together to build, oh, I don’t know, a square.

Like I said: “fun.”

The real joy here is getting an 8GB flash drive for less than eight bucks. Consequently, I expect these to sell out quickly, though hopefully has enough inventory to last at least the morning.

Who’s in for one? Two? More?

Bonus deal: You might have heard yesterday that RIM is now selling all BlackBerry PlayBook tablets for $299. Meh. Here’s a better option: today only, 1SaleADay has the 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook for $249.99, plus $5 for shipping. It’s new, not refurbished. Oh, you just got served, RIM!

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